5 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks for Your Kids

Bathroom cleaning hacks to teach your kids that will help you simplify your life!  Too good to be true?  Are you thinking to yourself, "my kids would never keep up with a cleaning routine". 


Read on, mama.  This post is for you!


I should give you a disclaimer right now.  I'm not the world's most organized mom. 

I wish I could say my home looked like The Home Edit had just worked a miracle in there, but no.  Honestly, most days if I can get my floors cleaned and mopped I feel good about it. 

That doesn't mean I don't like having routines. Having routines and planning your day is essential to stay organized, functional, and sane!

I just hit a realization that I can't do it all.  So I started implementing daily habits in my sons - yes, i'm a boy mom - so that they could be responsible, help out in the house, and take care of their own space. 

This means one less thing for me to worry about. (Maybe their wives will thank me one day!)

I know you, I have been in your shoes. You have a million things going on in your head, the sheer amount of information circulating in there is enough to make anyone loony.  Trust me when I tell you, (and I'm pretty sure you know this already) but It feels amazing, no matter how small the job is, to have one thing off your plate. So here you are...

Five easy bathroom cleaning hacks your kids can start doing today:



We have four boys and they all share ONE bathroom!  You can imagine how dirty it can get in there. Don't overcomplicate things, because let's face it, kids wont clean anything regularly if it takes more than a few minutes to do so.  Have some cleansing wipes (we use clorox) nearby and assign the kids turns to wipe down the sink at the end of every day.  



Put a roll of trash can liners in your trash can.  When one kid takes out the trash, they can immediately replace it with a clean liner that is right at their fingertips! When your kids start getting into the habit and you catch one of them taking out the trash by themselves without having to be told...it is a GOOD feeling!

Easy bathroom cleaning hacks for you to teach your kids


After taking a shower teach your kids to wipe down the glass door/tiles.  It takes just an extra minute or two but makes a HUGE difference!


DIY essential oil toilet spray to get rid of stinky odors


When you have kids sharing bathrooms keeping stinky smells at bay can be a real problem.  This homemade toilet odor spray with essential oils has been a game changer for us.  First, it's easy to make.  Second, Every kid loves spraying stuff in the toilet.  Third, no stink! 

Spray 3-4 times directly into the toilet bowl before you “go,” and the oils will create a vapor barrier to trap offensive odors. (It doesn’t get much easier than that!).  I use an easy recipe created by One Good Blog that you can find here.


Contain counter clutter by using a tray!  We have one tray that holds soap, a candle, facewash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes and sometimes the boys hair styling cream.  Have some extra room? Get fancy and add a small succulent to the tray for an elevated look!

There you have it!  Simple as pie (although I find pie to be more complicated than this - who came up with that saying?)

Go ahead mama, add these small steps to your kids routine and save your time, save your sanity, and raise amazing kids in the process (like you already are)!

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