About Me



Hey There!  I'm Farah Modi-Khan, the Founder of Farie + Four and Co-Founder of the nonprofit 200 Muslim Women Who Care.  I am a mama to four incredible boys, a mompreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian. 
My passion for empowering women to give back to their community, helping causes that are dear to my heart while being a wife, and raising my four boys, are the things that made me realize the need busy mama’s like me have to organize our life and minimize the stress in our everyday routine so we can create a functional routine for ourselves and our family.
In both my philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavors, I strive to create opportunities for women to feel empowered to live their best life.
With my company Farie + Four, I’m on a mission to help busy moms improve the organization of their home and productivity of their family’s participation in the home ecosystem. 
A percentage of Farie + Four profits will be donated to 200MWWC
We are proud to provide solutions beyond the home, by donating a percentage of profits to 200MWWC to help empower women to improve their local community by supporting existing charities and initiatives that impact all of humanity.
Like 200MWWC, Farie + Four is committed to creating products that create solutions for positive outcomes in your core neighborhood - AKA your home.
Follow us on instagram @farieandfour or send us an email at heythere@farieandfour.com. We love hearing from you!
Please visit www.200mwwc.org for more information about the incredible work 200MWWC does in the Tampa Bay Community.